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The media's discussions of the democratic deficit

In the last few months of 2013, the BBC, Guardian, and other UK media have given much coverage and discussion to exactly those problems that the RDP was created to deal with. Surveys have been showing that the overwhelming proportion of the UK electorate are now recognised as very disenchanted with the House of Commons and politicians in general. And they are not apathetic but rather angry and frustrated at a seeming lack of any options to change things (but only because they haven't yet heard of the RDP!).

BBC Radio 4's PM program in particular had a whole series of interactions between listeners sending in their suggestions and panels of experts giving their judgements thereon.

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In fact we believe that such large amounts of money are not needed at all by our party. The dinosaur parties turn to money as a substitute for genuine substance of ideas, much as an addict turns to drugs as a substitute for success in life. But we are starting from a rather low base of resources, and even just small donations would go a long way to enabling us to get things flying all the sooner. So, even your small donation can make a significant contribution to the cause.

Please note that donations of more than 200 in a year are subject to the regulations of the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000. We can only accept such donations from "permitted donors" (anyone on the electoral register qualifies as such, along with UK registered companies). And names and amounts of those regulated donations must be published in our accounts.

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Our proposed new political system (realdem) is the outcome of many years of research and discussion and thinking, but we at RDP HQ do not reckon to delude ourselves that we have a highway to perfection. Not least, any political system is itself inherently a politically-contentious matter, with no absolutely "correct" answer to the questions involved in its design. For that reason an important function of the RDP is going to be not only the practical introduction of realdem, but also the organisation of consultation and debate about its various options. And as part of that, we invite you to let us know your thoughts about the present proposals.

See all these broken promises from the Labour, Conservative, and LibDem timewasting dinosaur parties
Egypt's Arab Spring would not have needed a second revolution if they had introduced a Real Democracy system with their first. The notion that a strongly divided nation can be somehow usefully "led" by one man should be obviously unsound, even if he did have the support of a majority of the voters (which was maybe not the case anyway).
"There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come."